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flaming chronicles

I am only a little Gypsy 1 - Reincarnation, does it exist?
As our Gypsy Crown Prince and only Heir to the Throne, I am growing up in our secluded site in the Rumanian mountains, inwardly knowing who I am and what important tasks I have to fulfill, whilst waiting for my 'Trapper Dad' who once was our Beloved 'Gypsy Monarch Harold the Great' and still is my 'Eternal Soul Mate'. Just like I am, he too is a very powerful reincarnated Shaman and Cosmic Mage. But, first, I will have to grow up some more...

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I am only a little Gypsy 2 - Youngest Real Trapper ever
In this second 'Gypsy Chronicles' story about me, I am catching a badger;
and for my fifth birthday I am getting a real little mountain bike! After losing
my way in our dense forests, Misha finally starts teaching me 'orientating'.
Being our youngest Real Trapper ever, I am allowed to beg in a gadjo town.
Then, their gadjo police catches me in a raid, so that I am now an ex-jailbird.
Of course, my story goes on from here! Just read the third one about me.

Please be patient, because I am
REWRITING this manuscript...

I am only a little Gypsy 3 - My incarnated Trapper Dad

Still rewriting...


I was our Gypsy Leader 1 - My reincarnated Soul Mate

A retired Dutch psychotherapist meets a severely burnt little Gypsy boy
and takes him into his house. Soon, the boy turns out to be a powerful
little Shaman, his 'Eternal Soul Mate' from several former incarnations,
and the two years ago mysteriously vanished little Gypsy Crown Prince.
Still, the question remains, does reincarnation really exist?

This is only the first part of it,
because I'm rewriting the rest!

I was our Gypsy Leader 2 - Adopting my little Shaman


Still rewriting...

I was our Gypsy Leader 3 - My son's transplanted skin


Still rewriting...

I was our Gypsy Leader 4 - Recollecting our own roots


Still rewriting...

I am a throw-away Gypsy - Reborn crossbreed Shaman


Still rewriting...

award 2012flaming chroniclesaward 2012
"The most heartwarming story about a growing child ever."
"My favorite books are the ones where I can’t tell whether they are real or not. Yes, I DO know
that this is fiction, but because the writer, Harry PhoeniX, has crafted such an engrossing rich story filled with complex characters and tense emotional situations, I get so engrossed that it seems real!
Rarely does one encounter a story that has as much personal, raw experiences embedded in it.

Perhaps it is because the Dutch writer, Harry PhoeniX, is a retired psychotherapist and applying his
lifetime of psychological and therapeutic knowledge to the creative endeavor of writing. However,
do not believe that his stories are merely a case study disguised as a fictional narrative. No, the
Dutch writer has employed the entire field of psychotherapy to his books, including several often
neglected but equally important extra-mental phenomenal experiences. These include such things
as psychic mediums, past lives, spirit helpers, karma, and the like. Magically interwoven into the
narrative, all these extra-mental phenomenal experiences just add to the richness of the story.

Rather than your standard mystery or thriller, this emotional roller coaster entertains through the
beautiful narrative creativity of the written adventure. No guns, no murders, no conspiracy theories
or the like, it is simply the adventure between a man and a boy who turns out to be a very special
child indeed. I highly recommend these 'Gypsy Chronicles' -- not only are they perfect for a great read, but also for all those parents or individuals who deal on a regular basis with young adults!"

Harry PhoeniX is a retired Dutch psychotherapist, living in The Netherlands. After writing several books in his own language, Dutch; Harry finally decided to write his next book in a to him foreign language, hoping that writing them in the International Language will spread them even easier. Soon, his 'Gypsy Chronicles' manuscripts were born, and then split into a few parallel stories.
Harry loves writing 'emotional roller coasters' and 'books with a message'; and he plans to go on writing them for a long time! Next to being a psychotherapist, he also studied several 'alternative' and 'paranormal' treatments and remedies; for example 'aura reading and healing', contacts with 'Spirit Guides and Helpers', 'past lives' or 'reincarnations', and the 'Laws of Karma'. Aad still tries
to interweave his entire lifetime of knowledge and professional experiences into all his stories.

Thank you very much for reading our Gypsy Chronicles books.
My 'adopted son' and I will commend you in our prayers!
Harry PhoeniX and Gypsy Crown Prince Harold Romani.


- Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind -